Indian dairy industry is contributing significantly to the country's economy and people's health. At 100 million tons of milk production, India is the highest milk producing country in the world. Almost half of milk produced in the country is consumed as raw milk and the rest converted into different dairy products. Since the processed dairy products lack quality standards and hygiene value, country is unable to export dairy products in large measures. Therefore Indian Dairy industry is looking at Bulk Milk Coolers to reduce the temperature of the milk for minimizing growth of bacteria which in turn would improve shelf life of the milk.

When Milk is extracted, it is at around 37 Degrees C. it milk continues to remain at room temperature after extraction, bacterial growth will affect the quality of the milk. Only rapidly cooling milk immediately after extraction to a temperature of around 4 Degrees C and maintaining it at this temperature minimizes further micro-organism growth. Thereby ensuring that milk remains as fresh as it was when extracted.

Blue Star offers Bulk milk coolers in association with Packo, Belgium. While Packo is a leader in on-farm equipment and has a comprehensive range of cooling tanks, Blue Star has over six decades of experience in providing expert cooling solutions. This association of Blue Star and Packo ensures that you get the best cooling solution for all your dairy needs.


  • Wide range of models between offering capacity between 320 and 15700 litres
  • Faster Cooling
  • Energy efficient condensing units designed keeping in mind the varied climatic conditions across the country
  • Highest hygiene standards
  • Cooling tanks made of stainless steel AISI 304, both internally and externally
  • Optional automatic cleaning system of all enclosed tanks to ensure that the milk produced adheres to the highest standard and is stored in a tank, which is scrupulously clean
  • Anti freezing protection part ensures that the milk cooled doesn't freeze.
  • Advanced and user friendly electronic control system
  • Unmatched reliability and durability
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