Designed to cool. Not freeze.
Whether you own a grocery store, a kirana store or a dairy depot, your single most important concern is to provide your customers with milk product at the right temperatures. Typically all these products are stored in deep freezers and not coolers. As a result, they freeze and you end up constantly adjusting the thermostat to avoid the freezing. This affects the quality of the products.

Blue Star understands this problem and brings you Milk Coolers, which are specially meant to maintain the temperature between 2 degrees C and 10 degrees C thus maintaining the quality of milk and other dairy products. So go ahead and get yourself a Milk Cooler now. It's the perfect choice to keep your customers happy.


  • Available in storage capacities of 275, 375 and 450 lts
  • Sturdy design
  • Lower power consumption
  • PUF insulation
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Long-lasting hinges
  • Imported thermostat for accurate control
  • Tropicalised design for tough Indian weather
  • Pre-painted sheet for longer life and easy cleaning

Technical Specifications





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